Since your first show till now, how has theater shaped you and helped you grow?
"Theatre has taught me how to carry myself and conduct my character, as well as utilize time management skills; both very important life skills that help me not only progress in theater, but every aspect of life. In theatre, I am given the opportunity to work and bond with a diverse community, broadening my perspectives by connecting with others with various backgrounds, interests, and experiences as we all share a common passion: reaching out to the community through the arts to tell a story. "
What encouraged you to join Thespian Society and to continue theater throughout high school?
"I was eager to join thespian society in order to help give back and add my contributions to the theatre community because it has left such an impact on my life and has shaped me as a person, allowing me to exercise facials, physicality, and internal emotion in every situation. I continue to audition and participate in theater for the one of a kind opportunities and experiences that our school district is lucky to provide us with, and the fulfillment of performing and presenting all of our hard work to the community in order to teach a lesson and tell a story that is relevant in our world today."
As a senior, what advice would you give to anyone interested in being involved with theater?
"Some advice I would give as a senior who has participated in theatre for four years of high school would be to explore all aspects of theatre. I have always been a performer, but had the opportunity to work behind the scenes once. The work required is more than expected and will teach you how to be a well-rounded person with extensive knowledge in theatre, exercising everything I learned as a performer plus some. I wish I had taken more opportunities to participate in all aspects of theatre, but certainly do not regret everything I have done these past four years, as well as the experiences I have gained."
Considering your experience, how do you think theater will influence your future?
"The arts have taught me how to carry myself and utilize time management skills with a very demanding rehearsal schedule; both very important skills that help in every aspect of life. My busy schedule has taught me how to adjust to difficult deadlines, communicate efficiently, and manage stress, while always putting forth my best effort. Theatre has influenced my outlook of situations and prepares me to handle anything life will throw at me in the future."