What was the first play you were in and how did it encourage you to keep involved in the program?
"The first play I was in was Urinetown. A crew member dropped last minute and they needed someone to fill in, so I joined because my sister was in the production. It encouraged me to stay involved because, although I was a late addition to the team, they welcomed me with open arms and treated me like I had been a part of the production from the beginning. "
As a senior, is there anything you've learned from Drama Club that will help you later in life?
"One thing I have learned from Drama Club is that stepping out of your comfort zone really pays off. This year I auditioned for Chicago, which I pushed myself to do, and without doing that I might not have met people that I have become close with or learned that I am capable of something I never thought I could achieve."
What has been the most influential or memorable part you've portrayed in a show?
"The most influential role I have portrayed in a show was Clarice in The Liar or an ensemble member in Chicago because both of the shows taught me a very important life lesson: you can do anything you set your mind to."
Why do you feel theatre is an important aspect of our schools and community?
"I believe theatre is a very important aspect of our school and community because it provides a place without judgement and it brings together different groups of people who might not have connected without it."