The Tremper Theatre Program produces four full-length theatrical productions per academic year. Any Student within KUSD is able to audition. Tremper's annual musical is cast through the KUSD Theatre Arts Program auditions. Please contact the Tremper Theatre office at 262-359-2163 with any questions.

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Living Out


Lisa Loomer

Performance Dates: January 17-19, 24-26
Performance Location: Tremper Studio Theatre (Room 120)
Synopsis: The story of the complicated relationship between a Salvadoran nanny and the lawyer she works for. Both women are smart, hard-working mothers. Both want better lives for their children. The play explores what is the shared humanity between them…and what are the differences wrought by race, class and Ana's illegal status. Through Ana, we understand what it means to leave a child in another country to come here, and the potential cost of sacrificing one's own child in order to care for someone else's. Through Nancy, we understand the pressure on women today to "do it all" and the cost of making that choice. The play also looks at the prejudices and misconceptions between Anglos and Latinos. How do we make someone "the other"? What is the cost of doing so?
Audition Dates: October 9th and 10th (3:30-7:00)
Audition Location: Room 229 (2nd Floor, Northwest Corner, Enter through Door 27)
Audition Details: Students from any high school in Kenosha are allowed to audition. Students will be asked to prepare one dramatic monologue from a contemporary play, and are more than welcome to use the monologues found attached to this page. Students will also be asked to read selections from the script with the director. The script selections can be found on this page (when posted)
Female Audition Monologues Male Audition Monologues
Side 1 Side 2 Side 3
Characters: (several characters are asked to speak Spanish in the play. While fluency is not necessary, a familiarity with the appropriate tones and pronunciations of the language is preferred)
Ana Hernandez (F) - early 30s, smart, proud, Salvadoran, a nanny, Spanish speaking
Nancy Robin (F) - 30s, a lawyer, a liberal and a new mom
Bobby Hernandez (M) - 30s, Salvadoran, a carpenter. Good sense of humor, Spanish speaking
Richard Robin (M) - 30s-40s, a Public Defender, but offbeat
Wallace Breyer (F) - 30s, well off, helpful, an excellent manager
Zoila Tezo (F) - 40s, Guatemalan, a nanny, says what she thinks, loves to laugh, Spanish speaking
Linda Billings Farzam (F) - 30s, a well-intentioned, sweet, harried mom
Sandra Zavala (F) - Late 30s, Mexican, a nanny, positive and practical, Spanish speaking
Rehearsal Information: Rehearsals will officially begin in October. Currently, rehearsals are not planned over winter break; however, because weather is unpredictable during the winter months, additional rehearsals may be added as necessary. Rehearsals typically run from 3:30 until 7:00, with technical rehearsals running longer. There will be one Saturday rehearsal during this period, which will occur on January 12th, otherwise, there are no traditional weekend rehearsals. A complete rehearsal calendar will be shared through KUSD Google Drive once the cast list is posted. The calendar will also appear on this website once rehearsals have begun. Cast members are not permitted to miss more than three rehearsals, unless absences were already scheduled, so please list all conflicts on your audition form.