The Tremper Theatre Program produces four full-length theatrical productions per academic year. Any Student within KUSD is able to audition. Tremper's annual musical is cast through the KUSD Theatre Arts Program auditions. Please contact the Tremper Theatre office at 262-359-2163 with any questions.

Upcoming Auditions

Hazelwood Jr. High


Rob Urbinati

Performance Dates: January 16-18 and 23-25
Performance Location: Tremper Studio Theatre
Synopsis: At first, Hazelwood Jr. High is like any other middle school ‐ cliques and crushes, dances and detention. But when a new girl unwittingly steps into a "love triangle," a revenge plot is hatched and events spin out of control, escalating into a shocking and unimaginable climax. Based on a true story.
Audition Dates: October 15th and 16th
Audition Location: Tremper Room 229
Audition Details: For the audition, please prepare one dramatic monologue that would be delivered by a character who is between the ages of 12 and 16. You can use either of the monologues included here, but you may also choose one of your own. Please familiarize yourself with the play.
Monologue #1 Monologue #2
Shanda - female, 12, a preppy pre-teen who is new to Hazelwood and wants to fit in.
Amanda - female, 14, a tomboy who falls in love with Shanda while in a relationship with Melinda.
Melinda - female, 15, Amanda's tough and possessive girlfriend.
Dislikes Shanda and plans revenge against her.
Hope - female, 15, an easygoing young girl from a poor family.
Toni - female, 15, an insecure girl from an affluent family.
Laurie - female, 16, a troubled teen with a rough demeanor. A catalyst for the tragedy.
Rehearsal Information: Rehearsals will begin October 21st. Rehearsals will typically run from 3:30 until 7:00. There will be rehearsals over winter break. A complete rehearsal calendar will be shared through KUSD Google Drive once the cast list is posted. The calendar will also appear on this website once rehearsals have begun. Cast members are not permitted to miss more than three rehearsals, unless absences were already scheduled, so please list all conflicts on your audition form.