The Tremper Theatre Program produces four full-length theatrical productions per academic year. Any Student within KUSD is able to audition. Tremper's annual musical is cast through the KUSD Theatre Arts Program auditions. Please contact the Tremper Theatre office at 262-359-2163 with any questions.

Upcoming Auditions

An Iliad


Lisa Peterson and Denis O'Hare

Streaming Dates: May 27th-30th
Synopsis: A single, modern day storyteller takes the stage‐possibly Homer, possibly one of the many bards who followed in his footsteps. He retells Homer's classic tale of the Trojan War, specifically the great fighters Achilles and Hector. As he shares his tale with a modern audience, references with wars throughout the ages collide with the ancient story of Greeks and Trojans. Our version will feature predominately shadow/silhouette work to illustrate these legends from Greek literature.
Audition Dates: Submissions need to be in by March 30th
Audition Details:
  • Students should make a copy of and fill out the Audition Form
  • Students should record the following two items and upload them to their Google Drive, in a folder named: (Last Name) Iliad Audition. They should add the Audition Form into the folder, and then share the folder with
    • Students should prepare and perform one of the monologues (and we'll link the monologues) focusing on the emotions and pacing found in the words of the letter. There should be an attempt to memorize this material.
    • Students should prepare two short mimed scenarios (and we'll link the scenarios). Without using any words, only their bodies, students should have a clear personality and mood, and incorporate their bodies as much as possible.
Mime Scenarios Monologue Options

Achilles, a hero for the Greek army
Agamemnon, a Greek king
Andromache, wife of Hector
Hector, a hero for the Trojan army
Hecuba, queen of Troy
Helen, wife of Menelaus, kidnapped by Paris
Muse, a god/goddess of inspiration
Paris, a Trojan prince
Patroclus, Greek soldier and friend of Achilles
Priam, king of Troy
Various Greek and Trojan soldiers and gods and goddesses
Rehearsal Information: Rehearsals will officially begin on April 12th. Rehearsals typically run from 3:30 until 7:00, with technical rehearsals and filming days running longer. Rehearsals are currently planned to occur three to four times weekly, with no weekend rehearsals. There may be Saturday filming days which will occur in late May. A complete rehearsal calendar will be shared through KUSD Google Drive once the cast list is posted. The calendar will also appear on this website once rehearsals have begun. Cast members are not permitted to miss more than three rehearsals, unless absences were already scheduled, so please list all conflicts on your audition form.