Photo of the President of the Drama Club
Erin Dillon is a senior here at Tremper and is very excited to serve this year as president. She has been involved in the club throughout her whole high school career, and has been involved with many shows here in various crew positions and acting roles! She loves meeting new people and getting to know everyone she has the pleasure of knowing. Erin will continue to express her passion for theatre throughout college and spread the joy it brings her to everyone she can! She is so thankful to have been given the opportunity to be part of Drama Club and does anything she can to give back to the people who make her so happy.
Photo of the Public Relations Officer
Maddie Ball, a junior at Tremper, holds the position of Public Relations for Tremper's Drama Club. Though she possessed no previous experience with theatre prior to joining Drama Club, she quickly devoted her time and efforts to the organization as an incoming freshman. Since then, the club has welcomed Maddie with kindness and a newfound appreciation for all aspects of theatre. She has gained many technical skills through her involvement in various productions, expanding her repertoire and building her confidence as an individual. This confidence, coupled with a passion for the cause and the support of various club members, led her to pursue her position on board. She looks forward to leading her committee this upcoming school year and promoting the art produced by Tremper's theatre program.
Photo of the Fundraising Officer
Dana Lehman, a senior at Tremper, is the chairperson of fundraising on this year's board. She was introduced to the club thanks to her director's knowledge of her position as a middle school stage manager and quickly became heavily involved not only as a stage manager, but on stage as well. She has had the privilege to perform in the thought provoking piece, Equus, as well as Argonautika and Urinetown. Her love and dedication to the club and the people in it motivated her to run for and accept her position on board, giving her the opportunity to give back to the community that has invested so much into her. Dana plans on studying stage management in college and will forever keep theatre a part of her life.
Photo of the Theatre Maintenance Officer
Sam Kuchta is a senior at Tremper and is entering his second year as the chairperson of theatre maintenance for drama club. He started his highschool career as Vanya in Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya and since then has been in a wide variety of shows, from comedies such as Good People to the serious, drama of Equus. He has also had the privilege of being in countless stage crews at a variety of positions. His love of theatre and performance has been nurtured and loved by this club and it's officers and members and he thanks them endlessly! Into college Sam will be studying Political Science but will not let theatre and performing leave his life. He is so thankful for his club and everyone who he has met because of it and he is grateful that has been given so many opportunities to give back and help make this club better. He will always remember Tremper Drama Club.
Photo of the Activities Officer
Jesus Puente first started his experience with Tremper Drama in his sophomore year, when he auditioned for the school's production of Equus. Ever since that first show, he continued his role in Tremper Drama by starring in The Laramie Project, crewing for Argonautika, and set building for many more. Jesus decided to join Tremper's Drama Club, and become a Board Officer as the Chairperson for Activities. Jesus loves being involved in Theatre, whether it's acting, set building, or crewing. He will continue to be fully involved with future productions and all Drama Club activities.


President - Brooke Halvorsen

Public Relations - Ash Whitaker

Fundraising - Erin Dillon

Theatre Maintenance - Sam Kuchta

Activities - Kelsey Robinson

Technical Manager - Renata Orth


President - Mary-Kate Haggarty

Public Relations - Molly Robbins

Fundraising - Hunter French

Theatre Maintenance - Beau Frederick

Activities - Brooke Halvorsen

Technical Manager - Renata Orth


President - Cameron Stearman

Public Relations - Sydney Cairo

Fundraising - Mary-Kate Haggarty

Theatre Maintenance - Beau Frederick

Activities - Brooke Halvorsen

Technical Manager - Renata Orth


President - Hannah Pfluegl

Public Relations - Marta Notarianni

Fundraising - Mary-Kate Haggarty

Theatre Maintenance - Karen Woodard

Activities - Sabrina Cairo

Technical Manager - Bryan Byars


President - Ryan Westermeyer

Public Relations - Kendall Ruchti

Fundraising - Julie Erickson

Theatre Maintenance - Marissa Skow

Activities - Hannah Pfluegl

Technical Manager - Brad Neu


President - Robin Feltman

Public Relations - Mary Sturino

Fundraising - Nancy Jaimes

Theatre Maintenance - Ryan Westermeyer

Activities - Emily Leonard

Technical Manager - Brad Neu and Josh Potthast


President - Lauren Westermeyer

Public Relations - Clarissa Goldsmith

Fundraising - Jensen Wohlgemuth

Theatre Maintenance - Raven Spencer

Activities - Emily Leonard

Technical Manager - Josh Potthast


President - Zac Cooper

Public Relations - Amber Shinn

Fundraising - Jensen Wohlgemuth

Theatre Maintenance - Raven Spencer

Activities - Megan Reynolds

Technical Manager - Josh Potthast


President - Annie Walaszek

Public Relations - Jaclyn Yeary

Fundraising - Kevin Duffy

Theatre Maintenance - Shawnaw Glover

Activities - Chelsea Strachan

Technical Manager - Jon Walls