What or how did you first get involved in drama club?
"I first joined drama club at the end of my sophomore year because I had Cicerale as an English teacher and I became comfortable with him and wanted to try doing drama again."
What made you stay?
"I stayed because everyone was so sweet and welcoming."
What do you like most about Tremper's drama club?
"My favorite part is that I'm able to do something I enjoy with people that I enjoy being around."
How did your involvement with the program thus far differ your high school experience from the average?
"Drama club has changed my high school experience by allowing me to be involved in amazing shows with amazing people."
As a Junior, what is one thing you would like to do next year with your involvement in the club?
"Next year, I would love to be in more shows and maybe go to State again because I had the best time this year."