Why did you join drama club?
"I joined drama club, because I've always wanted to get involved in theatre and I saw it as a really good opportunity to meet new people and make friends freshman year."
What has been your most memorable experience thus far?
"I think it was probably the drama club night after The Laramie Project, because it was my first time being with all these people in a cool, friendly environment and just getting to hang out."
Why would you recommend others join drama club?
"I would recommend it, because it's such a good experience and everyone is super nice. You'll make memories you'll remember for your whole life. "
What has been your favorite show to participate in and why?
"The Liar, because everyone made sure that they had everything they needed to have done, done right. They also made sure that everyone in the cast had everything they needed."
What advice would you give younger members of drama club?
"Get involved as much as possible, because nothing compares to having a huge group of people that support each other and get stuff done. "