Membership Spotlight

What or how did you first get involved in drama club?

"I became involved with Drama Club during second semester of my sophomore year. Mr. Cicerale was my English teacher at the time, and I felt most comfortable with him, so I joined Drama Club."

What made you stay?

"I have found no reason to leave and every reason to stay. Drama Club is simply full of loving, exuberant people. There are so many ways to be involved as well. Set builds, Districts, sub-committees, and much more. Drama Club is one of the things that makes me want to come to school everyday."

What do you like most about Tremper's drama club?

"I love how sympathetic and caring people are in Drama Club. Everyone is supportive in one way or another, which is much needed in high school."

How did your involvement with the program thus far differ your high school experience from the average?

"Rather than simply going through high school, I've met -and keep meeting- so many people whom I know can call my dearest friends. It's helped me grow to be more involved in school all around. I highly appreciate everything Drama Club and it's members have done, still do, and will do for me."

As a Junior, what is one thing you would like to do next year with your involvement in the club?

"Next year, I would love to be able to take charge of Drama Club's Fundraising committee, the committee in which I have always been in through my time here, and adore with all my heart.
I would also strive to be involved in every show that year."