The poster for Living Out

Living Out

By Lisa Loomer

Performance Dates: January 17-19, 24-26

Performance Times: 7:30pm

Performance Location: Tremper Studio Theater (Room 120)

Synopsis: The story of the complicated relationship between a Salvadoran nanny and the Anglo lawyer she works for. Both women are smart, hard-working mothers. Both want better lives for their children. The play explores what is the shared humanity between them…and what are the differences wrought by race, class and Ana's illegal status. Through Ana, we understand what it means to leave a child in another country to come here, and the potential cost of sacrificing one's own child in order to care for someone else's. Through Nancy, we understand the pressure on women today to "do it all" and the cost of making that choice. The play also looks at the prejudices and misconceptions between Anglos and Latinos. How do we make someone "the other"? What is the cost of doing so?

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Production Gallery
All headshots were taken by Logo for the Headshot Photographer
Headshot of Sofia Roldan
Sofia Roldan - Ana Hernandez
Headshot of Grace Eltoft
Grace Eltoft - Nancy Robin
Headshot of Luke Eidsor
Luke Eidsor - Richard Robin
Headshot of Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez - Bobby Hernandez
Headshot of Carly Swaney
Carly Swaney - Wallace Breyer
Headshot of Natalie Murphy
Natalie Murphy - Linda Billings Farzam
Headshot of Melizah Espinoza
Melizah Espinoza - Zoila Tezo
Headshot of Juliana Nevarez
Juliana Nevarez - Sandra Zavala