The poster for The Christians

The Little Prince

By Rick Cummins and John Scoullar, based on the book by Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Performance Dates: March 1-3, 8-10

Performance Times: 7:30 pm

Performance Location: Tremper Auditorium

Ticket Prices: $5.00 for students and staff (any KUSD staff member), $10.00 for senior citizens, $12.00 for general adults. Ticket information can be found on the Ticket Info link on this page.

Synopsis: This famous story begins when a world-weary and disenchanted Aviator whose sputtering plane strands him in the Sahara Desert meets a mysterious, regal "little man," who shares stories of his adventures through the galaxy. After two weeks both the "little man" and the Aviator must go home, each with a new understanding of how to laugh, cry, and love again.

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Headshot of The Little Prince

Rebecca St. Ange-The Little Prince

Rebecca is a junior at Tremper. She loves this show and all the cast with her whole heart and is very grateful for this experience! She would like to thank her director Mr. Cicerale, the assistant director Mikey, the stage managers Erin and Catherine, and the crew for all their hard work. Elle voudrait remercier sa mère et sa grandmère pour leurs amours. She hopes you enjoy the show.
Headshot of The Aviator

Dana Lehman-The Aviator

Dana is a senior this year at Tremper. This is her third year of glorious heavy involvement not only in drama club, but in the shows put on by the program. This show and story mean so much to her and so she hopes to do it and you justice in her first ever lead role.
Headshot of The Rose

Arica Bauer-The Rose

Arica is a junior at Tremper and this is her 8th involvement in a show here. She would like to shout out her Rose Buddies, along with the entire cast and crew, especially her favorite director and teacher, Cicerale.
Headshot of The Rose

Emma Shodis-The Rose

Emma is a junior here at Tremper and this is her first show. She is very excited to be a part of this and has loved every aspect of it. She likes the color yellow and being with her friends and family. She would like to thank her mom and grandparents for their endless support. She also wants to thank the cast and crew of this show, along with her friends, for making her days better.
Headshot of The Rose

Katie Lynch-The Rose

Katie is a Tremper freshman. This is her first performance ever. She would like to thank the cast for making her first experience so amazing. She would also like to thank her family for driving her to practice. Finally, she thanks Emma and Grace for pushing her to audition and to pursue her interest in theatre.
Headshot of The Fox

Kaitlyn Alley-The Fox

Kaitlyn is a freshman that attends Tremper High School. She loves being in a smaller cast since she can bond with the cast and loves everyone's company during rehearsal and the school day. She hopes everyone in the audience enjoys the performance. She would like to thank Ms. Orth for the costume and anyone who supported her through all the unforgettable memories!
Headshot of The Snake

Roberta Keller-The Snake

Roberta will be graduating from Tremper High School this spring! She is interested in a variety of activities and holds many unpopular opinions. She would like to thank her family and friends for all the support. Fin!
Headshot of The King

Chris LeValley-The King

Chris, a junior at Tremper, is performing in his first show here, The Little Prince. He has been a drama club member since his sophomore year. His hobbies include photography and writing poetry. He deeply loves the drama community he has known.
Headshot of The Conceited Man

Melissa Alvarado-The Conceited Man

"Melissa, where do you work?" Melissa would like to thank her director Mr. Cicerale for creating a little monster out of her, and helping her find a new happiness within theatre. She could not have thought of a better way to end her high school year than with an amazing cast. "Melissa works at Adidas."
Headshot of The Businessman

Connor Feivor-The Businessman

Connor is a junior who is thankful for Cicerale's patience and his family's continued support.
Headshot of The Lamp Lighter

Bianca Gonzalez-The Lamp Lighter

Bianca is a junior at Tremper High School. She loves being a part of these productions more than anything. The friends and memories she has made have made her high school experience one in a million. She would love to thank all her fellow cast members along with the crew that dedicated their time. The directors and stage managers have made this a fun and educational experience.
Headshot of The Geographer

Natalie Murphy-The Geographer

Natalie is a sophomore at Tremper High School. She is the oldest of six children, and loves her younger siblings and her parents, (and her dog, Dixie). She enjoys drawing cartoons, and doing her make-up in her free time. She would like to thank her friends and family for their support(shout-out to Madison). She loves chocolate, musicals, and Danny DeVito.
Headshot of The Desert Flower

Mykayla Maser-The Desert Flower

Mykayla is a freshman and new to the theatre scene. She would like to thank everyone, especially Mr. Cicerale, for opening her eyes to a new world. The theatre world is one of the most beautiful forms of art in her opinion.